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Instructional Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

I offer private sessions designed to improve your awareness and understanding of your Yoga practice. This is not a lead class. Instead I will study each pose you enter and dissect it with you, step by step. I will show you were you're doing it right and were you can improve. My hope is to get you to experience more of the purpose of each pose.

We will start with the basics, reviewing the Sun Salutation and the Warrior series first. Depending on how practiced you are this may take the whole session or less. If there is any time left we can go over any poses you wish to bring to the mat.

I am a KMI Structural Integrator, a form of bodywork designed to improve posture and resolve chronic pain. I spend most of my time studying my clients posture and body mechanics and helping them improve it through bodywork & education. Combining this experience with my own Yoga practice, have become good at helping people improve their Yoga postures. Often, even a small, simple adjustment can give a whole new meaning to a pose. Read my article Benefits of Instrucional Yoga

Even though I prefer my office, these Yoga sessions can take place anywhere (depending on the weather they could even be outdoors).

All sessions last 1 1/2 hours.
Instructional Yoga sessions are $140.
Gift Certificates are available by mail or appointment.

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