Fascial Release for Structural Balance Series:

Each of the FRSB series is a short intensive course limited to specific anatomy and heavy on manual soft-tissue technique. Each course focuses on 15 – 20 core ‘templates’ for technique, which can be applied in different ways for different patterns in your clients. The courses fully explain the intent and scope of each move.

Come out of these courses with new tools for soft-tissue release.

Shoulders, Neck, and Thorax
The shoulder rests on the thorax and hangs from the neck. Most long-term shoulder dysfunctions need to consider all three elements in the ‘cure’. In this course, we combine techniques from the breathing workshop and the arm workshop to take a comprehensive look at how to resolve mal-alignment of the shoulder complex balanced in our upright posture.

  1. Rib cage tilts and repositioning
  2. Scalenes and head-neck positioning
  3. Shoulder pivots and the balance between stability and mobility in the shoulder
  4. The shoulder ‘X’ – the underlying muscles that create shoulder stablity