Bodyreading 101

Bodyreading is both an art and a skill. With practice, one can see through all the mixed signals of the clients' symptoms and limitations to the heart of the problem. Using Bodyreading you can read the skeleton's relative position, SEE the soft-tissue restraints involved in creating the position, and formulate effective global and local strategies for unwinding the problem using the expertise of your modality. bodyreading

We will learn how we grow our limitations through-out life, the roll Fascia plays in locking them in, and how they end up limiting our daily living and leading us to future injuries. With a full class of clients we will explore standing posture, seated posture, breath, and walking gait. We will learn a simple but concise language for describing the imbalances we find and practice building strategies using various modalities such as Manipulation, Yoga, Pilates, and Strength Training.