The Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians

Anatomy Trains is Tom Myers' revolutionary re-vision of the seamlessness of musculo-skeletal anatomy and how we grow based on our life style choices. It shows how muscles fascially connect to each other, forming a series of myofascial continuities from head to toe. It helps explain why the problem is often not where the pain is and how to track it down.

One third of the time will be spent exploring the 12 Anatomy Trains and how they either support or hinder our clients. Another third we will learn to SEE them in each other and formulate effective strategies to improve balance and function.

  For the Manual Therapist:

In the Anatomy Trains for Manual Therapists we will explore how we can bring these structural limitations towards greater balance and ease. We will focus on how to promote long lasting change via Fascial Release Techniques from Tom Myers' Kinesis Myofascia Integration technique library.

  For the Movement and Strength Training Professionals:

In the Anatomy Trains for Movement and Strength Training Professionals we will spend that time exploring how these imbalances limit and impede movement and function in everything we do. How this impacts our clients ability to practice Yoga, Pilates, or strength training safely and effectively. We will spend time experimenting with ways of helping our students connect with these imbalances more effectively.