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Meet Eli Thompson

Eli Thompson has been practicing Structural Integration at the Boston Posture Center for 20 years. His background of engineering allows him to understand the complex, interdependent relationships in the body and the biomechanical problems that can arise from imbalance. Eli's years of martial arts and movement training help him guide his clients to a different understanding of their bodies and how to live in them in a softer, healthier way. Eli has been on faculty at Tom Myer's School of Anatomy Trains for 15 years. Prior to the covid pandemic, he traveled through-out the US, South America, and Europe giving lectures, teaching workshops, and mentoring teacher trainees.

Eli lives in Brookline with his wife, three kids, and three dogs.

Anatomy Trains

Structural Integration -

Resolve Long Term Pain

Eli specializes in is resolving chronic, long term pain and postural dysfunctions. Our bodies grow a strong, leathery tissue called Fascia that keeps our organs, muscles, and cells in place and supports us in everything we do. Over time, the Fascial web can grow into chronic imbalance, limiting our movement and potentially leading to pain. Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is a powerful series of bodywork sessions designed to address these imbalances and return to ease, comfort, and greater freedom.

In each session, Eli evaluates your posture and movement patterns, working with deep, slow manipulations that will alter the way you naturally organize your own body and internally experience your own anatomy. Each session builds on the last, accumulating structural change, awareness, and understanding to the point of learning a new way of living in ones own body. A new way that helps the body manage your activities and takes the pain out of life. The work is profound and the results can be transformative. To learn more, read Elis article Taking the Pain Out of Chronic Pain

Our body grows based on how we treat it. We must learn to be like our body’s farmers and nurture it
E. Thompson

Meet Eli Thompson, Founder of Boston Posture Center

Eli as a Teacher

In 2003, I completed a certification of Structural Integration at Tom Myers' school of Anatomy Trains. I am regularly awed by the power of this work to transcend not only our physical limitations but also our ingrained psychosocial habits and attitudes. It is a truly rewarding experience to witness my clients growing into themselves in this deeper sense.

Having become so committed to Structural Integration, I became a Certified Teacher in 2005. The saying "You don't fully know it until you can teach it" is true as my knowledge of the work has certainly deepened. I now travel throughout the US and South America teaching 2-4 day weekend workshops. These classes are intensives designed to introduce the theories and practices of Structural Integration to Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and movement professionals such as Yoga and Pilates instructors and Personal Trainers.
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As a side project, I used my background in Mechanical Engineering to redesign the traditional Ida Rolf adjustable bench. In Structural Integration some of the work is done with the client in a seated position. It is best performed when the client sits in correct ergonomic posture which requires that the bench be height adjustable. I realized that the bench has not been redesigned in 50 years, and none were available nationally. So, after five prototypes and much thought and effort, BENCHWORKS benches are now available to the whole Structural Integration community.
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In 2009 I expanded my product line and created Tensegri-Teach, another small company that produces and distributes wooden tensegrity models for educational purposes. Tensegrity and Biotensegrity is a relatively new way of thinking about how the body and its tissues organize and how forces are distributed during function. It is leading us to a new understanding of human biomechanics and soft tissue dysfunction.
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